How to Start Cooking with CBD

30 September, 2020 by
How to Start Cooking with CBD
Alla Kolosova
CBD Kitchen

CBD (cannabidiol) comes in many different forms, oils, capsules, sprays, pastes, and balms. Finding what works best for you and your condition is crucial to having a successful relationship with CBD as a natural supplement.

But maybe you’re someone who prefers to get creative would like to know how you can incorporate CBD into food and beverages. Aside from topical products (like balms, moisturisers, and gels), CBD is ingested orally which takes it into the bloodstream. This means that if either you’re not keen on the natural earthy taste, or if you just like experimenting with new ingredients, there are many ways that you can cook with CBD. 

CBD affects us by interacting with receptors in the body which controls a large number of our daily experiences. Studies, research, and testimonials have shown that CBD can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, boost the immune system, decrease inflammation, and manage pain.

Hot Drinks - you may have noticed in coffee shops and health stores in the past few years the menus have grown, and the option to add a shot of CBD to your beverage is not uncommon. If you’re not a coffee drinker, there are plenty of popular alternatives such as matcha lattes and turmeric lattes. To save money this is something you can easily do at home, all you need to do is make your drink and add in a few drops of CBD oil at the end.

Smoothies - one of the best breakfast solutions due to their nutritional value and convenience in the morning, whether you’re in a rush or fitting a workout in, a smoothie with the correct ingredients can set you up perfectly for the day. After you’ve chosen the flavours you want in your smoothie, simply blend it all up and add CBD oil. If you’re struggling for inspiration check out some of our favourites.

But you’re culinary CBD adventure definitely does not be limited to drinks. One of the simplest ways of incorporating this natural oil into your cooking is by adding it to salad dressings or pasta sauces such as pesto. One of the key things to remember when cooking with CBD oil is not to heat it too high. Although it may be an oil, using it interchangeably with cooking oils like olive oil or sunflower oil when frying or sauteeing will de-activate some of the therapeutic and beneficial properties of CBD.

If you want to check out some healthy and inspiring recipes head to our blog Reakiro CBD Kitchen. And if you have any favourites or requests get in touch and let us know by tagging us on social media. We hope that this will be a new tasty avenue for you on your CBD journey.