Hemp vs Marijuana - What is the Big Difference?

25 October, 2018 by
Hemp vs Marijuana - What is the Big Difference?
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Many people who do not deal with the products derived from the cannabis plant in everyday life do not know the difference and for them the word hemp is synonymous with the word drug. But it could not be farther from the truth as you will understand one you read our detailed guide below.
The word marijuana is derived from the Spanish marihuana, the word used in Mexico for the plant, which in Latin is designated as cannabis sativa. It was mainly Mexican workers who smoked it in the early 20th century In America that’s where the word spread to other languages. The common name for the plant is hemp, which is also used for numerous industrial products made from the stems of the plant. These include, for example, ropes, cloth, construction materials. Hemp seeds are crushed to get oil, which is widely used for cooking and cosmetics. The oil is more saturated with healthy omega fats than linseed oil, and until the middle of the 19th century was as widely used as sunflower oil, and the same was true for seeds.
From this point of view, both marijuana and hemp represent the same plant. The real difference comes into play in regard to the female plants of this species. They have therapeutic properties that are based on cannabinoids. The effect of cannabinoids on the human endocannabinoid system is barely studied, but some of them are already well known - THC has a pronounced psychotropic effect, CBD and its varieties have no psychotropic effects but have powerful therapeutic purposes.
It is because of the psychotropic effects of only one species of the plant that cannabis attained the reputation of being a drug that overshadowed the wide and amazing range of things that hemp can be used for. Today, we use the word “cannabis” for plants with psychotropic cannabinoid content (THC) below 1%, and the rest is called marijuana. In most countries of the world, hemp is legal, and plants with high CBD content are considered therapeutic and are used to produce cooking oil, but high THC content plants are either prohibited or strictly regulated controlled by the government .
Keeping in the above said in mind, we hope you now have the facts straight and will not confuse the truly beneficial hemp with marijuana.