Back to school, back to work, back to stress?

10 September, 2020 by
Back to school, back to work, back to stress?
Alla Kolosova

With the arrival of September and cooler weather, we’re reaching for our coats and picking up routines after a very disrupted summer. Children are starting to return to school and office workers are being encouraged to return to their place of work - this may be the closest thing to ‘normality’ since March. But although a version of pre-pandemic life is something we have all been striving to get back to, it’s not going to be the easiest transition after the past few months of life at home.

You might find yourself asking how you used to balance it all: the morning routine, getting ready, leaving the house at ungodly hours, battling the commute, and then spending the entire day in a formal environment. It’s completely normal that these next few weeks might feel tough and tiring to adapt to, and you might find yourself feeling guilty that you had complained about wanting to return to the patterns of before.

With time things will get easier, but if you find that the stress of the here and now is too much, a little helping hand from Mother Nature and CBD might be the remedy for your situation.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural hemp-based compound that works in and around your body to control a variety of physiological and mental processes. This means that CBD can help with a number of issues including stress management and sleep quality.

When we get worked up with stress or anxiety, our body releases a chemical response which is why we can experience these feelings strongly both mentally and physically. CBD communicates with receptors to maintain a natural chemical balance, which will then calm a sense of stress. So if the morning routine is seemingly hard to manage, why not try adding a couple of drops of premium quality CBD oil into a hot drink or juice to start the day with a sense of calm.

At night when we sleep, this is our body’s chance to recharge the batteries so hopefully, you’re fully powered for the next day. And we all know that there’s not much worse than a restless night when all you can think about is the impending alarm ringing. To help you get to sleep, and stay asleep, CBD capsules a couple of hours before bedtime can help your body unwind and clear your mind ready for an undisturbed night.

To learn more about how our CBD products could help you in the coming weeks and months head to our website to browse our store and blog. Things aren’t going to be the smoothest to begin with and that’s fine because you know you’re doing your best - but always remember that Mother Nature is here to help you with therapeutic CBD.